Paint Zoom Review

This is my official customer Paint Zoom review. I don’t hide any complaints or problems. But I have to be honest and say after using the Paint Zoom sprayer for quite some time now I really don’t have any complaints or problems to reveal. Simply said the Paint Zoom is the most reliable paint sprayer I have ever owned.

Even though I live in Vancouver, Canada I think this review would apply if you live in the U.S. or any other country.

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Paint Zoom Paint Spraying Review

I have used the Paint Zoom to spray paint and stain. In this section I focus on paint.

I use the Paint Zoom on interior, exterior, satin, silk, flat, latex types of paint. Pretty much I have used it on about every type of paint you would use around a home either inside or outside. Probably the only thing that I haven’t painted is my car. I have read where people do use the Paint Zoom to paint their cars but mine doesn’t need it right now. Maybe in the future.

I found that if I follow the instructions on the DVD and the owner’s manual that came with my Paint Zoom I have no problems. I think getting the best paint results boils down to following the instructions and just doing it enough times that you get a feel for the sprayer.

The biggest thing in getting a good paint job is getting the paint thickness so it flows through the Paint Zoom smoothly. The little viscosity cup is the key to that. I have found using the recommendations on how much to thin that are in the user manual pretty much works every time. When I first got it I thought since the Paint Zoom sprayer was so light it wasn’t very powerful so I thinned out my paint more then it was recommended. I found I didn’t need to do that. The best paint coverage comes from thinning as directed. Generally I use 10% water to paint to thin out the paint.

At first I thought the paint container on the sprayer was way too small. I figured it would take me forever to paint a room because I would have to be constantly filling up the container. What I found out is I fill up the Paint Zoom container about as often as I use to fill up my paint roller tray with pain.

I also found out that my paint goes a lot further. I use less paint to cover the same area now then I used with a roller. That was a very pleasant surprise. I like saving money on paint!

I really like how light weight the entire sprayer is, even when the paint container is full of paint. I just through the Paint Zoom shoulder strap on my shoulder and start painting away. The weight has never been an issue. I have shoulder bags that weigh more then the Paint Zoom.

Paint Zoom Stain Spraying Review

Using the Paint Zoom for stain couldn’t be easier. I just pour the stain right into the paint container adjust the paint flow dial and start staining. When I am done I just rinse everything out and let it dry before I put it away.


Having used several expensive and cheap paint sprayers I would have to say the Paint Zoom is the best paint sprayer for the money. It has been very reliable, easy to use, easy to clean and it was very affordable on my budget.

I also liked that when you buy it from their official site you get a full 30-day unconditional money back satisfaction guarantee. No hassle to return it if you don’t like it. The $25 worth of free drop cloths and painters tape is nice too.

I hope my review of the Paint Zoom was helpful to you. Have fun painting!

For more information click here to visit the official Paint Zoom website.

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Paint Zoom Sprayer

When I first saw the infomercial on TV for the Paint Zoom Sprayer I was at home in Canada. I wasn’t sure if it was well built so I did some checking around before I decided to get a Paint Zoom.

I like to do things with my hands so I end up doing a lot of painting instead of contracting it out. I live in an older home here in Vancouver, BC Canada so there is a lot of painting to do. This saves me a lot of money and I get the enjoyment of standing back and seeing what I have accomplished. It feels great to do that!

I am not new to power paint sprayers but I was to the Paint Zoom sprayer. I didn’t even know you could get Paint Zoom in Canada. I have owned a couple others over the years that didn’t last. I had no reason to believe the Paint Zoom sprayer wasn’t built by the highest standards other then my bad experiences with the other power paint sprayers.

I don’t like to knock other products by name but I have bought, and returned, two name brand power paint sprayers. I returned both of them for different reasons. The first one was because the motor wasn’t large or powerful enough to push the paint through and get a nice even coat. I thinned out the paint as per the instructions and it didn’t work. I then kept thinning the paint until it was thin enough to spray but it was so thin it just ran down the walls and didn’t cover at all.

One of the things that first impressed me with the Paint Zoom sprayer is it has a very powerful motor. It had absolutely no problem with spraying a nice even coat of paint. It didn’t sputter and spit the paint but sprayed it consistently every time.

The second power paint sprayer’s case and attachments were so cheaply made I put it back in the box before I ever used it. I was afraid if I used it I would not be able to return it and get my money back. I couldn’t believe a retail store would sell such a low quality built sprayer. That was not the case with my Paint Zoom sprayer. I have now used it on several paint jobs. It has a lot of hours on it and has taken it’s bumps and a couple of drops with no problem. I am actually quite impress with it’s durability.

If you are considering buying a power paint sprayer I would highly recommend to get the Paint Zoom sprayer. It is easily available here in Canada and many other countries. If you buy it from the Official Paint Zoom website you have a full one year money back satisfaction guarantee and you get some nice bonus items too. I have been very happy with the sprayer and am confident you will be too.


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Where To Buy The Paint Zoom In Canada

The question I get the most from my friends who see how easy the Paint Zoom is to use is, “Where can I buy the Paint Zoom in Canada?” When I first saw the infomercial on TV I wondered if the Paint Zoom was available in Canada too. Then I found out it is the #1 selling electric paint sprayer in the world! Then I knew I would have no problem finding it in Canada. The real question was where can I get the best deal on the Paint Zoom in Canada?

Once I had checked out if the Paint Zoom sprayer was a good sprayer and I found out that people have been using all over the globe and have rave reviews everywhere I started looking for the best price on the Paint Zoom.

I did quite a bit of research to find the best deal, which means the lowest price and best service. I thought the Paint Zoom might be available in stores. I even thought it might be best to buy it from a local store. But I found out if I did I would not get the one year satisfaction money back guarantee.

After a lot of searching and reading reviews I found the best place to buy the Paint Zoom was from their official website. By getting it from their official site I was guaranteed to get the lowest price and they had some great free bonuses too. Not to mention I did get the full one year guarantee.

Ordering the Paint Zoom on their official site is really straight forward, but with a little catch. When you order before you start filling in your mailing information look for the link at the bottom of the address section that says (Canadian customers click here). If you want your Paint Zoom mailed to Canada it is best if you click the link first then fill in your mailing information. From then on it is really very easy.

I opted for the three payment plan since there is no interest and it was easier to fit into my budget. My paint sprayer was delivered right to my door step in just a few days. Which was great because I had a big painting project I needed to get started.

So if you are wondering where you can buy the Paint Zoom in Canada I would recommend buying it direct. You’ll get the lowest price, best service, fast delivery and a one year money back satisfaction guarantee.

Click Here To Visit The Official Paint Zoom Website.

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